Arnar Omarsson / artist

2014, Apr


Lessons is a performance based work that can aslo be shown as a video work. Two laptops and a printer perform this pedagogic play written and directed by the artist.

Lesson 1 - 12 was performed in Siglufjordur, Iceland in April 2014

Lesson 13 - 24 will be performed at Institut for (X), Denmark as part of Art Weekend Aarhus. 17.05.2014

Lesson 25 - 36 will be performed at Godsbanen, Denmark as part of The Programmed Condition (Arnar's solo show) 23.05.2014

The script is an outcome of a Google search using the location as a search word. Each lesson is one search result read out by one computer and dictated by the other and finally printed out as a completed text in 100 copies.