Arnar Omarsson / artist


I am completely addicted to Radiolab and have found inspiration for a lot of research in their episodes. Find their stuff on Here are some good shows:

GUESTS: Rollo Carpenter, Brian Christian, Dr. Robert Epstein and Sherry Turkle

A segment on the stock market and algorithmic trading starts on 21:30 (22min aprox.) GUESTS: Mike Beller, Joshua Foer, Seth Horowitz, Eric Hunsader, John Mainstone, Thomas Peterffy, Larry Tabb, Lene Vestergaard Hau, Carl Zimmer and Andrew Zolli

GUESTS: Freedom Baird, Rollo Carpenter, Brian Christian, Caleb Chung, Dr. Robert Epstein, David Hanson, Jon Ronson, Bina Rothblatt, Martine Rothblatt and Sherry Turkle

GUESTS: James Gleick, David Leavitt and Janna Levin