Arnar Omarsson / artist

About Users_

Users_ is an umbrella project that includes a number of works addressing human computer relations. Following is a brief introduction to significant aspect of the works. Why do we want to be more like computers and make them like us? Whether it is obvious and active or subtle and invisible, objects communicate, objects talk. They talk to each other and to us. They may not all use spoken word; as some use text and others visual interfaces. But the fact remains, they talk to us; and a question arises, what do we discuss and how? This project investigates the growing significance of human-machine communication and addresses specifically the everyday impact and understanding between those two worlds; the tangible world of physical objects and the intangible network of computers.

The approach is based on the assumption that computer programs are here to become human. The problems they encounter on this journey shed light on the essentially metaphysical question of the nature of the human mind, consequently mapping the programmed condition. Each piece has a different relationship with this process in addressing the nature of computer thinking and behaviour, but all entwine with the struggle of adopting the human condition.

It is important to all the work I make using algorithms, that those algorithms are already existing as part of common computer programs like Photoshop, Textedit, Chrome etc. I feel that way I address the everyday use and nature of the algorithms in question.

Users is funded by Myndlistarsjodur (Icelandic art fund), and DAK at Institut for (X).

About Users_